Class Details

PRESCHOOL – ages 2+1/2 -4 years old
The perfect beginning for our youngest dancers. This program is ballet-based with an emphasis on creativity, early movement, and FUN! A “must-see” in our yearly dance recital.

KINDIES – ages 4-5 years old
This program is tailored for early dance instruction in both ballet and tap. Kindies is a one hour class. The first thirty minutes serve as an introduction to basic ballet skills, to start developing pretty little ballerinas. For the next thirty minutes, they change into their tap shoes, to learn the first elements of tap. The Kindies program is very popular, and we offer a choice of four time slots per week.

PRE-GYM – ages 4-5 years old
Our youngest gymnastics class. An introduction to basic tumbling, bars, balance beam, and mini tramp.

BEGINNER BALLET – ages 6-9 years old
Teaching the fundamentals of ballet in the Russian discipline. Positions of the feet, arms and body are taught with emphasis on proper technique.

BEGINNER JAZZ – ages 6-9 years old
This is a fun, uptempo dance class using popular music and styles. In jazz class, we really focus on a dancer’s flexibility, strength, and early technique.

BEGINNER GYMNASTICS – ages 6-9 years old
Gymnastics class with main emphasis on tumbling, stretch and strength. We work with early skills on bars, beam and mini tramp as well.

BEGINNER TAP – ages 6-10 years old
Teaching the fundamentals of tap and basic tap drills.

INTERMEDIATE BALLET- ages 7-10 years old
Continuing the fundamentals of ballet, perfecting the body positions with increased grace and poise.

INTERMEDIATE JAZZ – ages 7-10 years old
Next level for jazz students – working on combination of movements and focus is on style and performance skills.

INTERMEDIATE TAP – ages 7-10 years old
Next level for tap students – new steps introduced while perfecting early steps.


This class combines elements of funk, poppin’ and lockin’, and freestyle. Students are encouraged to “let loose”, dance, and have FUN!

INTERMEDIATE ADV. BALLET – ages 8-11 years old
Ballet at early competitive level

INTERMEDIATE ADV. JAZZ – ages 8-11 years old
Jazz at early competitive level

INTERMEDIATE ADV. TAP – ages 8-11 years old
Tap at early competitive level

ADVANCED BALLET – ages 11-17 years old
The intermediate and advanced ballet students perform at a higher level of difficulty, with more intricate movement. In addition, they learn the proper terminology and receive a sound foundation for dancing at the college level or even as a career.

ADVANCED JAZZ – ages 11-17 years old
Our highest level jazz classes. Increased stretch, strength, and challenging choreography.

ADVANCED TAP – ages 11-17 years old
Our highest level tap class. Turning your tap shoes into a percussion instrument.

Competition team I, II, and III